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As a passionate reader and writer of fiction, I believe each of us has a story worth telling. Based on dozens of interviews with aspiring and established authors, I created Transom to help writers with the age-old problem of disorganized notes.

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App Store Reviews

I just got this app and I immediately love it. I've had other apps that do the same thing but this one is just better, and it's so simple, too, without making your ideas dry up.
— Dominique

Since papers and notebooks can get lost, I was very pleased and eager to give Transom a go and I was very pleased I did!
— Niamh

Wonderfully simplistic app that works!  Works in that I'm writing and thinking. It allows me to think and incrementally "write" in the "spaces in between" life, that in retrospect become our lives. Thank you.
— Craig

Thank you very much, and great work on the app, it's really useful :)
— Hester

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Whatever content you enter into Transom is yours, and yours alone. We take no credit or responsibility for, or ownership of, any information you write in the app. We will not share your content with, or sell it to, anyone, ever, without your permission. Seriously. 

We do use third-party analytics tools (including but not limited to Crashlytics, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics) to track events, actions, and behavior within the app — this helps us learn how people use the app, and apply that to the next set of changes and features that’ll make Transom that much better. We don’t track any personally identifiable information here at all, so we’ve no way of knowing who or where you are. In Transom, your secrets are safe with us.

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