"It takes some strength of soul--and not just individual strength, but collective understanding--to resist this void, this non-being, into which you are thrust, and to stand up, demanding to be seen and heard.” ― Adrienne Rich




I'm a user-centric product designer and devout essentialist who's been solving real, human problems for more than ten years. Today, I run my own one-man strategy + design shop called Void Digital


I started my career -- well, my digital career at lest -- as a Product Manager and UX Designer at The Hearst Television Group. For three years, I helped manage 30 local TV-station websites in addition to launching a video-centric social network for youth sports.

After learning the basics at HTV, I jumped into the startup world as Director of Product for Thrillist, a lifestyle brand focused on 20-something urban males. I built up a UX and Product team there, and launched more than a dozen sites and apps over three years -- including a couple five-star apps that were often featured by Apple.

We acquired JackThreads, a streetwear flash-sale site, and I got hooked on ecommerce design. We increased JT's users nearly 10x in just 18 months, and shifted the balance of revenue toward native mobile. We were nominated for several design awards and were featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, Mobile Insider, and other publications.

I carried that experience to Delivery.com where, as VP of Product and Design, I helped modernize the company's processes, people, and products. I oversaw Dcom's 2013 rebrand and the subsequent redesign of the site and mobile apps. I also helped design new product development processes that cut our release cycles by 75%.

I left Delivery to pursue design consulting under the banner of Void Digital

I parlayed a freelance project to a job as VP of Product + UX with TheKnot.com, the industry-leading resource for "nearlyweds" and their wedding guests. The Knot -- a successful company with an unassailable brand -- was looking to turn a $150M media-driven business into a product-driven one, and in 2014 I led the site redesign that modernized the company's product, design, development processes. I hired the company's first dedicated user researcher and UX design team, and managed dozens of Agile squads throughout my tenure.

I learned a ton, and loved being a manager (once a teacher, always a teacher), but desperately wanted to get back to doing the work myself.

So here we are again: as the sole member of Void Digital, I work with companies of all sizes to improve their user experience with a goal-oriented, user-centric approach to product design.

Wanna know why I became a teacher? Or how I think UX can change the world? Or wanna ask me about that time I wrote a speech for Donald Trump? 

Drop me a line, let's grab coffee some time.


- tl;dr -

  • 12+ years digital experience
  • Data driven, goal oriented, and fiercely user centric

  • Responsive web and native mobile

  • Lean UX + Agile methodology

  • I've designed content ecommerce, tools, and marketplace products

  • 10+ years management and leadership

  • A strict Essentialist

  • Former English teacher, speechwriter, and fiction editor.